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6 week sonogram and no baby or heartbeat?

Did you just have your 6 week sonogram appointment and didn't go as planned? Didn't see a baby or hear a heartbeat? That can be very heartbreaking and confusing to you. I get it mama because I went through this experience myself with my second Continue Reading...

8 Common Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying

A baby's cry is a melody that we have to get used to the moment that our baby is born. A baby's cry is how he or she communicates, it's a sign that they need something from you. It's basically a cry for help since they can't communicate yet. Continue Reading...


  1. Nina says

    Wow I never even thought about bending down as something to avoid, but it makes total sense! I didn’t have c-sections with my pregnancy so I can only imagine the discomfort. Not touching any scars or healing wounds is a good tip all around for any surgery.
    Nina recently posted…Scared to Breastfeed? Try These Tips!My Profile

  2. Ros Emely says

    Thanks Chelsea! It comes in handy if you do happen to have a C-section 🙂

  3. Ros Emely says

    Thanks Nina! My mother was the first one who told me not to dare bend down, and I of course listened. But I get why she told me that. No C-section? not even with your twin birth? Wow! That’s awesome.

  4. Madison says

    The laughing part is so true. I has a c-section with my second child. About two to three weeks after I had a couple of friends come visit. They were telling me some real funny jokes I couldn’t help but laugh the pain afterwards was so bad even during I couldn’t take it.

  5. Ros Emely says

    Hi Madison! It is so true! I even experience it myself and even though it sounds silly to not laugh,it really is painful.

  6. Kirsten Noon says

    I’m so glad to have read this. I’m having a planned c-section here in the middle of September and no one says anything to me except, “Just be glad you don’t have to go through labor…” so I find your information very helpful!

  7. Ros Emely says

    Thank you so much Kirsten! I’m so happy you found it helpful. For my twin pregnancy I had a C-section and it wasn’t bad at all, the recovery was the hardest part. I wish you a smooth and fast recovery! Best of luck!

  8. D says

    What about tips for showering while having a C- section??

  9. Ros Emely says

    Hi! I did mention briefly that when showering to use a damp cloth and pat the incision lightly. You do not want to pressure on it so using a cloth helps a lot. Thank you!

  10. Juanita says

    I have had 2 section and will be having another in September . I totally agree with the list . Another thing that is really painful but you really can’t avoid doing it is sneezing. I sneezed and thought I ripped my stitches . It is the worse pain ever.

  11. Emily says

    As a physical therapist who has cared for post-operative patients for years, I have to say your recommendation to avoid coughing is dangerous. If you did any research on post-operative recovery of any abdominal or thoracic surgery you would see that the wound dehiscing (separating/breaking down) or infraction are not the only concerns. A significant proportion of patients develop post-operative chest infections and this is main due to reduced mobility/exercise (which assists in clearing chest mucous), reduced deep breathing, and reduced coughing – because they hurt. Pain when you cough post-operatively is HORRIBLE, I know, I have been there; but a nasty chest infection which develops into pneumonia is dangerous for your own health, baby’s health, the health of the rest of your family, the success of your breastfeeding. And, if you DO develop a chest infection, there is a LOAD more coughing that you’ll have to do for weeks if not months. So my recommendation is keep on top of your pain relief/analgesia medication and walk/mobilise early post-operatively (later that afternoon or the very next morning), practice deep breathing exercises (eg 3 sets of 5 slow deep breaths) whilst sitting in a high posture and, at least 3 times a day (eg 30 mins after each meal), support your wound firmly (this will be uncomfortable) with a rolled towel then lift your pelvic and cough once but strongly. Avoiding pain seems to be your main concern but avoiding medical complications is mine.

  12. Natalie says

    One more- Do not get up before the nurses tell you to. The spinal headaches that can follow are excruciating!

  13. Ros Emely says

    Thank Natalie, that’s another good one! I had the spinal headaches and like you said were excruciating!

  14. Kristin says

    Don’t cry either. I know hormones make you want to cry, but don’t do it. I cried after mine and I got stuffed up, but couldn’t blow my nose because it was too painful.

  15. Ros Emely says

    So true Kristin, haha! I tried very hard not to sneeze or laugh either:)

  16. Sureshi says

    Hi I gave birth to my baby 3 months ago.after the delivery as soon as I came home I had fever and got to know I have went back again to the Dr.and started treatments.had painful treatments for more than 1 week and it got healed.but now 2 days ago the infected area started paining and around the wound skin it has become a little wound again.what should I do now

  17. Rosy says

    This coughing part is so true. I had cough before my elective surgery but I didn’t tell the doctors for fear of them postponing my surgery (I was eager to see my baby) but I wish I did because after the surgery I kept coughing and it was so painful.

  18. Martha Edwards says

    Great article. I’m having a selected c-section here in the middle of September and no one says anything to me except, “Just be glad you don’t have to go through labor…” so I find your information very helpful for me. Thanks for sharing your post.

  19. Londy says

    Thank you Ros Emely your information is really helpful to me. I just got birth by C section last month and my stiches are so painful i had no idea what to do but now i know thanks to you

  20. Ros Emely says

    Thank you Londy! I hope you can recover quickly and are not feeling pain anymore. 🙂

  21. Emem says

    Hey I did my 1st c sec on 12 January.. I wasn’t prepare i really need my baby vaginally. After the surgery I cried cause I feel like it was me alone.i didn’t had no relative there like my mom.i wasn’t around my family so I didn’t had no advice from what to do and what not to do..anyway I think I did all thoes above b4 time.i started lifting heavy thing.and wearing tight clothes bending down…my incision is have a burning sensation at time and a little pain but now I’m almost 6 weeks and I see my scar has a little bit of inflammation I don’t know it it one of my vagina hair has grown down cause my c sec scar is low like halfway of my vagina..or it a infection…
    Please is any 1 else having this problem

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