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10 Realistic ways to be a good mom

I always say no one can be a perfect mom but you can always be a good mom. Let's face it, motherhood is unbelievably hard at times and because of it we may sometimes act in a way that we don't want to. We may yell at our kids, be in a bad mood or Continue Reading...


  1. Nina says

    Completely agree with tiredness! Especially with twins, as you know, the fatigue kicks in so much stronger than it does for a singleton. I was trying for a baby and didn’t get too tired until after I took a test, but long before I started showing, the tiredness was in full force!
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  2. Ros Emely says

    Oh yeah, with my twin pregnancy tiredness was my number one sign and symptom. So definitely can relate!

  3. Ashli says

    Well I have a hereditary issue where the doctors think I’m not pregnant I am experiencing all these except I have been bleeding maybe 24hrs a month which isn’t common for me since I’m anemic…I’m also lactating the doctors won’t do an ultrasound because I am not producing pregnancy hormones. And not only that but I have bought a Doppler and can find two heart beats that are not my own. Any ideas?

  4. Ros Emely says

    Hi Ashli! My best bet is to find a different doctor that will work with you and provide you with these tests. This will give you peace of mind knowing if you are pregnant or not. I would also check the bleeding because that’s not normal. I was anemic and also bled a lot and my doctor changed my birth control method which helped with the bleeding. Wish you best of luck and let me know what happens!

  5. Desteny says

    With my daughter (who turns 1 year today!) I didn’t test until I was at 8 weeks, but I knew at 4 weeks that I was pregnant.

  6. Ros Emely says

    Hi Desteny, Happy birthday to your daughter, so exciting! Yeah, it’s amazing how we know we are pregnant even before getting a “positive” sigh on a pregnancy test!

  7. Anna says

    I was super tired, sore breasts, and I’m an avid chocolate milk lover and I couldn’t drink chocolate milk. I later found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe how tired I was, how I never wanted food, but I knew I had to eat. I started showing at 9 weeks… Being my first pregnancy I wasn’t sure what to look for or to expect. It was awesome while it lasted. I lost my babies at 11 weeks…. But I agree with your post!! Love it!!

  8. Ros Emely says

    Hi Anna!! I am so sorry for your loss. Isn’t funny how our bodies know when we are pregnant before we do!? I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post and also that you agree with it. God bless 🙂

  9. Alyssa says

    BLOATING!!!!! ouch. It was so bad.

  10. Ros Emely says

    Oh yes! Bloating, that’s another helpful symptom to look out for. Thanks!

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