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6 week sonogram and no baby or heartbeat?

Did you just have your 6 week sonogram appointment and didn't go as planned? Didn't see a baby or hear a heartbeat? That can be very heartbreaking and confusing to you. I get it mama because I went through this experience myself with my second Continue Reading...

8 Common Reasons Why Your Baby Is Crying

A baby's cry is a melody that we have to get used to the moment that our baby is born. A baby's cry is how he or she communicates, it's a sign that they need something from you. It's basically a cry for help since they can't communicate yet. Continue Reading...


  1. Aimee says

    I am going to try coconut water. I like coconut water so even if it doesn’t work it still tastes good. I get heartburn everyday and have been using tums but I am getting sick of tums.

  2. Ros Emely says

    Hi Aimee! Yes try coconut water and see how it goes. Hopefully it helps you and like you said even if it doesn’t, it tastes good and its refreshibg. I only used Tums once with my twin pregnancy and it helped me feel better too. Best of luck honey 😉

  3. Ros Emely says

    Oh man, I’m so happy that stage is over for you! Tums are great for heartburn. I’ve tried it once with my twin pregnancy and it helped a lot 🙂

  4. Merry Jessy says

    My pregnancy was a good one with my study. But in the first trimester I found the heartburn problem most. I take vitamin B complex regularly then with the folic acid. And also I started to take decaf coffee to control my reflux and at the same time to meet my craving for coffee. I suffered the most of this acidity problem.

  5. Ros Emely says

    Hey Merry! Thank you for your input of what made you ease your heartburn. Drinking decaf coffee can definitely help!

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