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10 helpful tips for the overwhelmed mom

You're list of things to do is endless, your chores around the house just keeps accumulating and all you want to do is cry. This is called being overwhelmed. I've been there too, in fact sometimes I find myself in that place more often than I'd want Continue Reading...


  1. Nina says

    Nothing feels worse than your baby crying and not being able to do much about it! I agree that gas is a huge and often overlooked issue, and can help loads with stopping colic. Fantastic tips across the board—I’ve pinned it to my board!

  2. Ros Emely says

    Thank you so much! Yes, gas is such a culprit in developing colic. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your baby burps or pass gas after every feeding. I appreciate your comment 😘

  3. Chelsea @ Life With My Littles says

    These are great tips! Colic is so hard! My youngest had it and it was the worst. I hope if we have another they don’t have it, too!

  4. Ros Emely says

    Thank you Chelsea!! Yes! It’s honestly the worst for babies and for moms. Thankfully it dissent last long right!?

  5. Angela Cameron says

    Babies magic tea was an absolute miracle for my gassy, fussy baby! While we were still battling a mild case of colic, using this three times per day his symptoms are much more manageable.

  6. Ros Emely says

    Hey Angela! Thank you so much for this tip, I’m happy that it worked for you. I have never heard of it, I wish I did 🙂

  7. Chenden says

    Thanks for these wonderful guide on baby colic. I know there are a lot of products out there to help soothe colic in a baby. But what if the mother is so busy (usually with work) and can’t really make use of a specific product such as a carrier or swaddle blanket? What do you advice in such a situation? Thanks.
    Chenden recently posted…How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need? [Ultimate Guide for Busy Moms]My Profile

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