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10 Realistic ways to be a good mom

I always say no one can be a perfect mom but you can always be a good mom. Let's face it, motherhood is unbelievably hard at times and because of it we may sometimes act in a way that we don't want to. We may yell at our kids, be in a bad mood or Continue Reading...


  1. Mary Blackburn says

    Wow, what a great list on pregnancy. I am pleased to see this. I have no ideas what should I need during pregnancy. I am newly pregnant and hope so your list helps me to stock up on before my baby arrives. Thanks for your informative article. If you had more insight i would much appreciate this.
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  2. Stephanie, One Caring Mom says

    This is such a great list. I think everyone always thinks about what you need for baby, but puts so little thought into what mom will need. I know that’s what happened with my first. I had nothing for me, but everything for my little one.

  3. Ros Emely says

    Hey Stephanie! So true, with my first pregnancy it was all about my baby girl. Then I realized that I needed things for me too. But lesson learned right?

  4. Laneic Lavalle| Parenting and Edu Freelancer says

    This is a great list! I’m so happy my roommates were so detail oriented because they helped me stock up. I don’t think I had to worry about grocery shopping for essentials for like 2 months haha. It was a relief to have even that taken off of my list of things to worry about with a newborn.

  5. Ros Emely says

    Thank you so much Laneic! That is so awesome that your roommates helped you stock up. It’s definitely a relief to not have to worry about house items when your brain is all about adjusting to life with a newborn 🙂

  6. Kyla Jocson says

    Thanks for this essential list, Ros! I totally agree with you, especially with using plastic utensils. Who would want to wash and carry heavy and fragile plates when you’re exhausted? Totally relate! 🙂

  7. Ros Emely says

    Thank you so much Kyla 🙂 eliminating the need to wash dirty dishes for at least the first week, it’s always a great idea. Ain’t nobody got time for that, Haha!

  8. Erika Ann says

    What a list! This is perfect. I need to bookmark this for when that day would come. Thanks!

  9. Ros Emely says

    Thank you, so happy you found it helpful 🙂

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