Creamy Pumpkin Soup with homemade Croutons
Author: Stress Free Mommies
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 30 mins
Total time: 35 mins
creamy and delicious pumpkin soup/ cremosa sopa de calabaza
  • 1.6 lbs of Jamaican pumpkin / 1.6 lbs de Calabaza jamaiquina
  • 4½ cups of vegetable broth / 4½ tazas de calso de vegetal
  • salt and pepper to taste / sal y pimiento al gusto
  • paprika to taste ( I used about 1 teaspoon) / pimento en polvo al gusto( yo use 1 cucharita)
  • Adobo all purpose seasoning ( about a teaspoon) / sazon adobo(una cucharadita)
  • 2 tablespoons of heavy cream / 2 cucharadas de crema de leche
  • Mexican cotija cheese/ queso cotija
  • 1 roll of bread (do not use single slices, can use Italian bread) ? 1 rolo de pan (puedes usar pan italiano)
  • ground Parsley( I used from a bottle, if fresh just chopped really fine) / perejil picadito
  • parmesan cheese / queso parmesano
  • olive oil / aceite olive
  • all purpose seasoning / sazon adobo
  1. For the croutons:
  2. cut bread into small pieces and sprinkle some olive oil on top of it and mix well coating every piece of bread, then add the rest of the seasonings, mix well and bake in the oven in a 375 degree heat for about 9 minutes. Set aside. / corte el pan en pedasitos y agregue un poco de aceite olive, mezcle bien, y agregue el resto de los ingredients, mezcle y cocine en el horno por 9 minutos en 375 grados.
  3. For the soup:
  4. Add the pumpkin and vegetable stock in a deep pan and cook for 30 minutes on medium heat. / ponga la Calabaza y el caldo de vegetal en una olla y cocine por 30 minutos en fuego medio alto.
  5. after the pumpkin is cooked add it in a blender along with some of the vegetable broth.Add the seasonings as well to your taste and liking. You will blend and if it's too thick then keep adding vegetable broth to it until the consistency is creamy and not lumpy. / ya cuando este la Calabaza, agregue en una licuadora y agregue tambien un poco del caldo de vegetal. usted va a tener que ir agregando el caldo poco a poco hasta que la consistencia este cremosa y no pesada. Tambien agregue los sazone al gusto.
  6. Once the soup is creamy place it in a pan and add the heavy cream, mix well and add soup in your favorite plate, add croutons and cotija cheese! enjoy :) / Ya cuando la sopa este cremosa, agregue en otro sarten y agregue la crema de leche, mezcle y sirva en su plato favorite, agregue el pan y el queso cotija. Que disfrute!
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